Places to visit Near Jageshwar Almora

Jageshwar Mahadev Temple

This temple is by far the most visited temple in the whole complex, dedicated to the incarnation of Shiva in the form of a child. The story goes as Shiva being an attractive alpha male to all the women folk of the village, where he used to meditate. To not offend the men of the village, Shiva incarnated himself as a child. The temple itself is divided into two parts, with one dedicated to Shiva, and the other to his consort, Goddess Parvati. The entrance is flanked by the idols of the keepers of the sanctum sanctorum, Nandi and Skandi, complete with all the armaments, adding to the majestic bearing of the temple as well. 

Chitai Golu Devta Temple

This temple is dedicated to Golu devta or Goril devta, which is one of the main gods of worship in Uttarakhand. The Temple of Chitai Golu Devta is a holy place where people come and pray to God, and hope that their wishes will come true. What astounds the most is that if any wish is granted, it is said that people come back to pray as a thanksgiving, offering Bells to the Temple.

Vriddha Jageshwar Temple

Vriddha Jageshwar temple is situated slightly upstream from the Jageshwar temple complex. This temple about 3 km uphill Jageshwar, called the Old Shiva, is said to be the abode of Shiva before he came down to Jageshwar. The unremitting peace they emanate is one of the most fascinating aspects about both Jageshwar and Vriddha Jageshwar.

Deer Park/ Almora Zoo

Spend your time watching wildlife parks in Almora Zoo, enjoy roaming in the park watching deer, Himalayan Black Bear, and Leopard.

Dol Ashram

Dol Ashram is designed for the purpose of meditation and yoga, and the environment of the ashram makes it the perfect place to start practicing the elements of spiritual life. Dol Ashram is one huge spiritual attraction to visit Near Jageshwar.

Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary

A hidden gem of Uttarakhand providing the finest of fauna and flora. Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary is the best place in Uttarakhand for birding and photography. Things to do in Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary: Wildlife, Nature, Trekking, Hiking, and Camping